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"Social Media Can Get Me On TV?"

Get everything you need to know as a performer about social media to succeed!

Scared of twitter? Not sure how Facebook could actually help your career? Overwhelmed at the idea of a website? We're going to take all the fear out of this, and give you an incredible foundation to begin utilizing websites such as twitter and facebook to your professional advantage. You'll understand what your website should and shouldn't be like, and will have created an email list.

  • How to Book Work With Social Meda
  • Turn Tweets Into Meetings
  • Strategy and Etiquette
  • How To's for Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Website, and Email

You tweet. You post on facebook. You maybe even tumbl now and again. But how do you turn that into agents? Into roles on TV? An audience that you can leverage? How about reducing the amount of time and still getting maximum value? All this and more will be covered as we explore advanced skills, strategies, and techniques to get the most from your social media presence.

  • How to Book Work
  • Expert Strategies
  • How to Get Representation
  • Save Time and Energy

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