Days 1 AND 2 :: Basic + Advanced

To get the most value of what I’m offering, definitely come for both days. Day 1 will give you the foundation of everything you need to know, and Day 2 will get into unique strategy, technique, and implementation for how to really utilize social media to book work, get representation, etc.

If you sign up for both days, not only can you get the other discounts listed above, but I’ll automatically knock off $75 for doing both days. The full price of both days would be $670 ($395 + $275), but I’m starting it at $595.

Beyond that, I really want you to have this knowledge, so I’m offering $200 off if you register (with deposit or paid in full) 1 week prior to the workshop date!

Register now, and get both days for $395. That means you’re paying for the Advanced class and getting the Beginner class for free. Booyah.

$670 Full price
-$75 Discount for signing up for full weekend
-$200 Discount if you put down deposit or pay in full at least 1 week before workshop
=$395 Discounted price

Class is limited to 20 people!


New York Los Angeles
Click below to reserve your spot with a $100 deposit
Click below to reserve your spot with a $100 deposit
Pay in full. Like a boss.
Pay in full. Like a boss.

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